Saturday , February 24 2018
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Kindergarten is the grade which bridges students’ preschool educations with their future elementary school learning. There is still plenty of playing, singing and crafts in kindergarten but at OIK it is balanced with more rigorous writing, reading and math lessons. Students also continue to learn and get used to the routines of school, how to work in groups and how to be a successful student.

The expectations for what students should achieve and specifically, whether they should know how to read and write by the end of kindergarten, varies across schools and children’s individual abilities.

Our classrooms are organized by centres or areas which are divided by different subjects and different types of play. For example, a typical classroom may have the following centres: reading, arts and crafts, building and math toys, and a pretend play area. In addition to this, all classrooms have televisions and computors. The school day is structured with both time for free play, during which children can choose which centres to play in, as well as structured scheduled lessons devoted to each subject.

At OIK we strive to make learning fun and every Childs time with us a memorable experience.

We have a varied timetable, which includes weekly lessons of:

Arabic, English, Math, P.E, Drama, Music & movement, cookery, arts & craft and topics which comply with the British curriculum.

All of our classrooms are monitored by CCTV cameras .

Research has shown that participants in full-day kindergartens often achieve higher standardized test scores in the future and generally excel in school. In addition, they develop strong social skills as they engage in more child-to-child interactions and develop their interpersonal skills.

A typical day at OIK starts with the children’s arrival, usually around 7.30 – 8.15 A.M, during this time the children choose their own activity. This is followed by a short outside playtime, followed by circle time and attendance registration which involves discussing their current topic subject and sing-along- songs.

The children have snack time around 10.15am followed by a second play time.

Most days end with either a story or” show and tell” session.

Throughout the day, your child will be constantly encouraged to drink water and taken for regular toilet trips. We have nannies who will assist your child in using the bathroom and washing.

Please be advised, that we do not accept children wearing nappies.

We try to promote independence at every opportunity, this involves your child tidying away after using toys, understanding and exercising safety measures and following rules.

Our highly trained and dedicated staff are always open to suggestions and we encourage and value parent’s involvement.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.