Saturday , February 24 2018
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  • To treat all children fairly and with respect.
  • To endeavor to raise children’s self-esteem and develop their full potential academically, socially and morally, leading to citizens of the future.
  • To maintain a friendly, professional and secure environment.
  • To use rules and sanctions clearly and consistently.
  • To be a good role model.
  • To form a good relationship with parents so that all children can see that the key adults in their lives share a common aim.
  • To respect and acknowledge peoples differences
  • To promote a positive work ethos and professional relationships.

Whilst under our care our children will be consistently reminded of appropriate behavior both in and around school. All children will be encouraged to respect and care for other people to ensure a more happy and positive environment for everyone. Our school guide for good behavior is as follows: • Follow instructions carefully • Listen carefully when people talk • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself • Raise hand instead of calling out • Share

and help each.