Saturday , February 24 2018

Our aim is to provide a happy, secure and friendly environment in which all pupils are encouraged and challenged to fulfill their potential. We therefore strive to create an atmosphere where all pupils live amicably together, gain an awareness of others and begin to develop attitudes, values and beliefs based on good social behaviour. Each pupil should feel respected as an individual, gain in confidence, independence and self-esteem.

We are a happy, enterprising and successful kindergarten because we see education as a dynamic partnership between committed, well-qualified, loyal staff, interested parents and motivated pupils.

Academically we set high standards and have an excellent record in preparing children to step up to full-time education. At the Kindergarten we follow the early foundation stage curriculum with some Montessori input.

Children and their families are welcome to visit our school and meet our staff; we can be contacted by telephone during the session or by email outside of sessional hours.

Our policies, procedures and other details are available to view on our website or by request. OIK has an open door Policy.

Our staff will liaise with parents in identifying children’s needs and ensuring your child’s needs are in place.

We encourage you to share your children’s interests, any likes/dislikes that your child may have, as well as sharing your family structure.

Child safety is paramount and all staff employed by us are checked and deemed suitable to be employed by us. To ensure children’s safety we maintain a high standard of teachers and assistants.

We view communication between us as an important aspect and can adopt a number of strategies to communicate with parents depending on your availability; usually, it is through the child’s contact book or email. Additionally the key person is available at the end of the session; likewise you are always welcome to call us.

We are very familiar with working and liaising with other professionals and welcome them into our setting.  Our priority is to ensure a happy safe environment and a smooth transition into main schools. We are happy to work with other settings, sharing information and working on individual targets together.

All children have regular Assessment Reviews as they settle into pre-school, if we have any concerns about a child’s development we will inform you immediately as early intervention is crucial.